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Outdoor Farmhouse Look for Less

Combine the styles you love for a perfect blend of French country and farmhouse style for a lovely outdoor space!


We are super excited about our painted outdoor furniture.  Classic white furniture, striped rug, and french pillows? What could be more tranquil and beautiful? Achieve this look for less by painting your current outdoor furniture. All pillows, cushions, and rug are painted using textile medium and latex paint. Before, our patio set was sun faded and water marked, like an unsightly oil stain in your garage.

french country style

Boy, did the textile medium take me about an hour to find in Michael’s. There are so many recipes using chalk paint, latex paint, and something about a 1:2:1 ratio or a 2:1:3? Um….what? I read what others had done, but it didn’t make sense to me. I simply mixed an even amount of the textile medium with water and paint. So, is that 1:1:1? The key was to paint in thin coats. It took me about three days to complete the cushions. How my kids didn’t streak through the grass with white footprints is a miracle.

painted furniture

 Here’s the fabric medium:


and stencil used on all pillows: Found at Joann’s and Michael’s


For the striped rug, I used a canvas drop cloth and marked off even lines for my pattern with painter’s tape. All in all, the project took about 4 full days, but helped achieve the farmhouse/French country look for a ton less!

Here’s the cost break down:

Fire Pit: $289.00-bought on clearance online. I loved the French inspired outdoor one at Lowe’s, but you can’t hide the propane tank inside the unit….bummer.

String Lights: $45.00 total-purchased at Target. We bought three sets at $15.00 each.

DIY Drop Cloth Rug: $10.00. I have stalked rugs for literally months. I am a rug-aholic, but spending $100 or more on something that is just going to get rained on continuously, didn’t interest me, and I HAD to have a rug to complete my “Pottery Barn” look. I searched how others had taken a $10.00 drop cloth and turned it into a beautiful, cost effective rug. It sounded worth a try to me.

Stencil: $5.00-Martha Stewart. I adore anything French. For a bigger version, I believe mine was around $15.00 from Michael’s.

Paint: $40.00-This may seem like a lot for paint, but remember, I’m a novice diy-er, and I didn’t have a bunch left over from other projects like the rest of ya’ all. I purchased a gallon of the latex storm protective paint, half a gallon of a neutral brown, and a pint of navy blue for my pillows and stenciling.

Fabric Medium: $25.00-purchased at Michael’s. The fabric medium did cost me about $8.00 per bottle, and I used about three. Ladies (and gentlemen), use your coupons if you can at Joann’s or other craft stores.

And for the grand total: $415.00 give or take a few dollars.

If I had not painted our current outdoor furniture, bought a new rug, pillows, and other decor, I’d have easily spent over $1500 dollars at least. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!



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