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Farmhouse Bathroom Idea Board

Let’s face it, you spend more time there than maybe your kitchen table…why not have a beautiful bathroom space where you can mentally prepare, relax, and unwind from your busy life?


When I think of a classic bathroom….marble pops into mind. However, with the price tag comes stains and upkeep, and suddenly, real marble loses it’s luster for me. With three kids and a husband, I’m afraid my beautiful marble wouldn’t hold up…even if it is professionally and properly sealed. That’s why I would opt for a ceramic or porcelain tile to achieve the same look. Not to mention, it’d be much easier on my pocket book than real marble. Perhaps just an inlay of marble would fill my passion, but not be so overwhelming to take care of.

I also love the idea of crisp, white shiplap walls, with maybe an accent wall of dark gray. A vessel sink, tiled shower with subway tile or matching porcelain looking marble, would also fit the bill. Tie it all together with a rustic mirror, and we’re in business.

What do you think…?


1.  Shiplap Walls: Purchase at any home improvement store

2.  Mirror Target $44.99 (use a thrift store find and paint)

3.  Marble Shower…courtesy Houzz (I’d opt for Calcutta White Porcelain Tile (Lowe’s) $1.78 square foot)

4.  Lowe’s Vessel Sink $389.00

5.  Benjamin Moore Paint: Kendall Charcoal

What’s your dream bathroom look like? Thanks for stopping by and have a great and blessed day!


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