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Traditional Farmhouse Idea

Deciding upon which design direction to take your home is a huge commitment. Naturally, you want all the rooms in your home to match a similar feel for continuity and flow. If you’re like me, you change your mind a million times before jumping the design gun. For me, my style has always stayed constant in the farmhouse decor range. Good thing you can always mix genres. If you lean more towards modern design and lines, just add rustic details in your lighting and coffee tables. If you love a more formal, traditional feel, here are some ideas to achieve that look, but still be natural and simple, according to true farmhouse design.


I first like to play with different fabric options. For me, I love the elegance of birds, and those tie in well for farmhouse design lovers. This board to me is a little more traditional, but adding some rustic elements will play it down a little. If you know how to sew, can you adopt me? I am in the process of learning, and know I could save a fortune in sewing my own pillow covers. It also makes it super easy to switch out decor seasonally.




Mixing it up with one or two fabrics against a nice, white slipcover sofa is something I dream endlessly about. Like I mentioned, this look is definitely a more formal take….hint, hint….I don’t know if it’d survive my kids.


I’m still deciding upon which slipcover sofa to go with? Ikea, Pottery Barn? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I think nothing is lovelier than a crisp, white sofa. Now for the trimming. I’m thinking gold and blue accents would complement the fabric and add a touch of feminism to the design.




To keep with my farmhouse feel, add rustic lighting, with a wooden look to tone down the “seriousness” of the room.


Source List:

Leaf Fabric: Premier Prints Feathers Gold Tones

$8.98 per yard

Bird Fabric: Dwell Studio Plume Redux Midnight

$22.98 per yard-Bird Fabric

Brown Stripe Fabric: Vertical Ticking Stripe Ivory Brown

$6.48 per yard

White Sofa: IKEA EKTORP Sofa, Vittaryd white


Gold Mirror: Lowes Hickory Manor House Eleganza 22-in x 22-in Gold Leaf Polished Round Framed Sunburst Wall Mirror

$181.00 (I’m content shopping around, or even finding a second hand mirror and spray painting for same effect)

Coffee Table: Wayfair Hecht Coffee Table by Mercer41

 $332.05 Wayfair (Find and spray paint a cheaper version with similar lines)

Lighting: Lowe’s Kichler Lighting Barrington 5-Light Distressed Black and Wood Clear Glass Chandelier


Thanks for stopping by and have a great and blessed day!


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