Life Hacks

Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Summer is here! Live adventurously and like tomorrow is your last with these crazy, intense, and must-do’s perfect for any sun/adventurer lover. Don’t worry…I probably won’t ever swim with sharks either, but at least it’s a start to all things beachy, watery, and living life fully. This may take a lifetime of summers to knock-out, but each one brings appreciation to being alive, so here’s to kicking off summer and living large!

summer-bucket list

1. go hiking

2. go canoeing

3. go parasailing

4. go on a hot air balloon ride

5. go camping

6. watch the sunset/sunrise

7. stargaze

8. play summer sports (soccer, badminton, tennis, racquetball, etc…)

9. jump into river/lake

10. go surfing

11. go bike riding

12. have a water balloon fight

13. play water balloon volleyball

14. run through a field of wildflowers

15. stay up all night talking

16. watch movies outdoors

17. listen to crickets

18. go horseback riding

19. take a zillion pictures

20. go on vacation somewhere exotic

21. go spelunking

22. mountain climb

23. hang glide

24. go zip lining

25. eat new foods

26. take a spur of the moment road trip

27. suntan

28. drink mimosas on the beach

29. visit a waterpark

30. go on a cruise

31. tell scary stories

32. roast marshmallows

34. go snorkeling

35. swim with sharks

36. visit the Grand Canyon

37. visit museums

38. visit an old jail/ghost town

39. go on a scorpion hunt

40. skip rocks

41. catch fireflies

42. visit a zoo

43. feed gators

44. go fishing

45. dig for dinosaur bones

46. go to Disney World

47. go jet skiing

48. go water skiing

49. go mini-golfing

50. go cosmic bowling

51. make homemade ice-cream

52. kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel

53. watch fireworks

54. build sandcastles

55. go paddle boarding

56. go to an aquarium

57. swim with dolphins

58. explore tide pools

59. play at a park

60. have a picnic

61. throw a pool party

62. take a helicopter ride

63. go clubbing

64. get caught in the rain

65. watch a lightning storm

66. go deep-sea fishing

67. go sky diving

68. visit Niagara Falls

69. visit Civil War battlefields

70. crash in waves

71. watch a meteor shower

72. go to the movies all day

73. eat gelato

74. visit Europe

75. go to the rodeo

76. find tadpoles

77. go skateboarding

78. go seal watching

79. makeout in a barn

80. go cow tipping

81. pick fresh strawberries

82. run through sprinklers

83. play in irrigation water

83. go four-wheeling

84. search for crawdads

85. go line dancing

86. eat fresh lobster

87. skinny dip in the ocean

88. play ‘Pokemon Go’

89. go ice blocking

90. climb to the highest point in your city

91. sing karaoke

92. read all day

93. go boating

94. go geocaching

95. make pictures out of clouds

96. collect sea shells

97. have a dance-off

98. eat funnel cakes

99. vist an amusement park

100. make a photo album of summer



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