Life Hacks

20 Days to a Better You!

We’ve all been there where days, even weeks, just seem to blend together while you’re simply trying to survive and get through your busy schedule and life….here are some helpful ways to rejuvenate your senses and bring meaning back into each day, especially when you seem to be running on all cylinders and haven’t had time to stop and reflect.


As part of healthy living, utilize these tips as you see fit. In 20 days, hopefully you’ll feel refreshed and approach each day with a new perspective.

Day 1:


(I know, this may not be everyone’s thing, or something you’ve put on the back burner), but when God comes first, it truly makes a difference, at least for me. You may be more in-tune to his plans for you, or realize silly things just don’t matter in the grand scope of life….things we all worry about way too much. God will help you put things into perspective and appreciate what really matters. Working hard is important, but taking time to dwell in a sweet kiss or hug is what we’ll remember. I fail myself in not putting God first, but when I make him a priority, I see things differently and seem to be more relaxed, focused, and organized. (I also seem to be able to control my weight more 🙂

Day 2:


I often run out of energy not because I’m like a Chihuahua puppy, but because my body can’t function when it’s dehydrated. Drinking about 60 ounces a day will help out…that’s about eight 8 ounce glasses. It seems pretty obvious, but how often do we really guzzle down water when we’re stressed? Usually, it’s coffee, or soda, or some quick snack. I’ve had to learn that water is my best friend when life gets busy.

Day 3:


Make a list of all the things you’d like to get accomplished for the week or the month even. Keep it realistic, and write down your progress toward each goal….It helps to see that things do happen when you’re focused and thinking about them. Isn’t it true…out of sight, out of mind?  I once had a list of all the household projects I wanted to get done. I lost the list, and in effect, my motivation, inspiration, and drive just wasn’t there if I didn’t see the list right in front of me, reminding me. Writing down your thoughts and worries in a journal will also help relieve anxiety.

Day 4:


Okay, I know, I’m not a poet either, nor does this fit everyone, but it’s really easy to do. Simply sit in a quiet area…your backyard, your room, anywhere, and simply write how you feel, what you hear, or what’s on your mind. Poetry can be three lines or an entire page. Simply write what’s ailing you, troubling you, or what helps you remember the good things in life. Taking time to breathe will help you re-center.

Day 5:


Maybe this is already part of your regime, or maybe it’s not….start small with an easy exercise program. Maybe it’s simply walking around the block, or lifting small weights. Studies show that exercising boosts endorphins. Exercising, along with drinking water will actually give you more energy, help you sleep better, and clear your body of all the toxins, weighing you down.

Day 6:


We all have amazing moments each day. Whether with your kids, spouses, or coworkers write down something that made today meaningful. Having your daughter show you her artwork from school or the squeeze from a friend as she quickly grabs your hand made you feel appreciated…these are all things to savor. I started keeping a saying or action my kids did each day that made me laughs or brought a smile to my face. I compiled mine together in a sort of memory book. I read them when I’m just feeling overwhelmed or having one of those off days. When I look back, I see how beautiful life is, and it’s these moments that make everything worth it.

Day 7:


Organize your closet. This might sound….silly, but when I rediscovered clothes I hadn’t worn in a while, it made me want to start dressing up again. That in effect, made me feel a ton better about myself, and actually saved time getting ready in the morning. There was no need for me to buy a new outfit or wardrobe when I started putting together different outfit choices.  Simply download one of those closet organization apps. (Stylebook, My Dressing, WiShi, and Closet are just a few to pick from. There are literally tons out there.  Sometimes we get down on ourselves….we’re getting older, we’ve gained weight, or we just don’t look as fresh or polished as we once did. This solves some of those age old self-esteem issues. When you pull together awesome outfits, you realize that this is you, and you should be proud and happy. Remember, we are all beautiful wives, mothers, and working professionals…inside and out, we are beautiful. Now go through your closet and start rocking an awesome outfit.

Day 8:


You knew this would be on here. I sometimes have a hard time sleeping with all the anxiety and do-lists in my head. We have to quiet those noisy thoughts in order to charge our batteries. There’s only so much we can do each day….the trick I’ve found is to limit the amount of shows I watch at night, and set a proper bedtime schedule. If you’re like me, I have to unwind with a little t.v., but this habit has gotten me into trouble. I simply have to turn it off, and stare into the darkness to fall asleep. However you fall asleep best, do it, and start going to bed earlier.

Day 9:


Helping hands are everywhere…it’s time to delegate everything you have going on to others. Whether you need help at work or home, give your kids, colleagues, friends, and spouse jobs to keep everyday tasks and life running smoothly. This will help you get more things done and feel less stressed.

Day 10:


When you set goals and accomplish them, there’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself. Going to your favorite spa, getting a blowout, or just indulging in a well-earned desert are great ways to reward yourself for plugging away. You deserve some peace, some quiet, or something that makes you happy. Chances are you’re so busy taking care of others, you sometimes forget to take care of yourself.

Day 11:


As mothers and fathers, we dedicate our lives to our children….what more could we possibly give? Surprise them with a fun activity, an evening out, or something you know they’ll love. Seeing their faces light up with give you more happiness than you can imagine…(in case you’ve been a little busy to stop and notice :).

Day 12:


Your spouse is your best friend, your confidant, and your rock…or maybe you’ve forgotten to tell them or show them that lately. Living better means nurturing all your relationships, and your spouse is definitely no exception. Show your loved one you still care and are still as much in love with them the day you married them with a planned night out. Simply leaving kind notes, doing chores for them, or getting off your electronics when you’re together, will also show how much you love and appreciate them.

Day 13:


You may be thinking, but I already have my blackberry or phone glued to my body? Balance what needs to get done with time for you and time to reflect. If you have to have lunch with a colleague, but other things start piling up, change lunch plans to getting a coffee. If you have dry cleaning, grocery shopping, and car pool, work smarter, not harder….when doing errands, do errands that make sense. Grocery shop somewhere close to your dry cleaners, for example, and plan out certain chores each day so that you have a few minutes to breathe and not feel so frazzled.

Day 14:


Some of us are simply glad to pull on our pj’s at the end of a long work week and not make grand plans for the weekend. That’s perfectly okay, but once a month, plan going somewhere or doing something special. Day trips to the beach, a concert, or an art gallery make excellent outings to look forward to. You don’t have to plan your social calendar for weeks in advance…just having something to go to or look forward to will help work days pass more quickly, and mentally get you excited for living life more fully.

Day 15:


When you can, slip in your favorite play list on your phone, your computer, or in your work space. Music takes us to a different place and elevates us. Instead of white noise filing the background, fill it with songs that make you smile and make you feel glad to be alive.

Day 16:


A better you means being able to find the things you need. Slowly, doesn’t clutter, papers, junk mail, and clothes just seem to take over? Spend some time taking stock on what you really need. Clean out your fridge, your closest, your garage, and more. This will take you more than one day, but afterwards, hopefully you can breathe a little easier and life runs more smoothly, being able to find that remote control again.

Day 17:


Sometimes we lose touch with people because we’re so busy. Reach out to somehow you haven’t heard from in a while. Their connection and friendship will help you remember who you used to be, and hopefully give you the boost to be that person again.

Day 18:


Gather your closets friends and family together in one spot. Host a party to boost your spirits and make some memories. This could the monthly thing you look forward to. A backyard BBQ, quiet dinner party, or a game night will make you realize how fortunate you are.

Day 19:


I am literally decades behind when it comes to scrapbooking and photo albums. I have the pictures; I just haven’t done anything with them yet. Mixbook, Snapfish, and other online services will help you put together and print your photo albums. I am most definitely going to get caught up this year. (It’s in my journal to do so :). Looking through the past will help you see the future. Family, friends, trips, and smiles will rejuvenate your senses.

Day 20:


Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for. Seriously look through your list periodically or even post it somewhere you’ll see every day. I promise, you’ll see your worth when you reflect how much you have going for you in your life. Keep these healthy habits up. Don’t stop after 20 days, but incorporate what works for you to be the best you possible.

Whether you’re a working professional, a stay at home mom, or you struggle with blue days more than you’d like, you’re just 20 days from a better you and living life more fully. See what works for you, and I hope you have a wonderful, blessed day!


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