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4 DIY Farmhouse Signs for Under 10 Dollars!

Farmhouse signs are everywhere, but some can cost a pretty penny. Here are 4 easy DIY signs requiring only a few simple items….some you may already have.





1.  six 1/2 inch trim for frames

2.  wood stain (I used dark walnut)

3.  paint (latex or chalk…or both!)

4.  white and black paint pens (optional)

5.  small paint brush

6.  1 ” panel nails

7.  vaseline

8.  sandpaper

9.  one 24 X 24 plywood board (have it cut down to two sizes…one 16 X 24, and the one 8 X 24) * Your signs can be whatever dimensions you desire

10. image to copy (I used an engineered copy of our Farmer’s Market digital download.

11. letter stickers for easy application (farmhouse sign)

***Note: Use both sides of each board to make 4 signs total. If you plan on hanging, hooks will show***

Since I wanted two different looks to change things up, I chose to paint one side of my sign a deep charcoal gray and the other black and white. If you want that chippy, distressed look, paint your undercoat the color you want showing through for contrast and easy texture.


1. first stain your trim pieces

2. next, paint your first coat of your sign, then let dry

3. apply vaseline to edges and random places if you want that chippy look

4. paint your different coat of paint over your first, then let dry

5. transfer image (I shaded the back of my image and then traced over with a heavy indention. The image will be very light, but you can now use paint pens, a fine tipped brush, or whatever to darken your image. You can also shade the back of your image with chalk if you are applying to a darker color)

6. once everything is dry, you can work on your frame. You will have to measure and cut pieces to complete your frame

7. use the panel nails or whatever you want to secure the trim to your signs

8. distress entire sign to your liking. If you applied vaseline, it should rub off easily and show your undercoat













If you have most of these items, your only real “investment” is the plywood and trim…it costs around $10.00 to make all 4 signs. Good luck and happy crafting. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great and blessed day!


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