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Fixer Upper-Miniaturized-Barbie Farmhouse Makeover!

I loved playing Barbies as a kid…didn’t you? Well, this Barbie…. umm, okay me, has watched way too much “Fixer Upper,” and it got me thinking about redesigning a crazy colored Barbie house for my daughter.

barbie fixer upper farmhouse before and after

I had actually been thinking of creating a Barbie house for my daughter for a while, but when we found this during our neighborhood dump day and in really good condition it was like the Fixer Upper/Barbie stars had all aligned in my favor. We took this baby home and got to work…we’ll, I did anyway. Here’s Barbie’s farmhouse makeover!

barbie house before




I hate to say it but…..I loathe pink, purple, and neon green. I know, they’re like every little girl’s dream bedroom colors, but since I wanted a Barbie house that added to the overall decor and feel of the room, not to mention the entire house for that matter, I decided to cover everything with scrapbook paper that would match my little girl’s room better than the crazy colors this dollhouse previously possessed.

First we spray painted everything, including the railing and windows. The exterior was painted white and the windows black. Then the “wallpaper” started.

barbie fixer upper

barbie farmhouse floors

barbie farmhouse after

barbie farmhouse makeover

barbie farmhouse

popsicle stick method for barbie house





We then added molding using paint sticks and popsicle sticks and simulated the look of shiplap. I hope Joanna would be proud:)


“Barbie” then decided she had to have real wood floors…..such a drama queen, and so we used the popsicle method  and stained the floors a great country gray. I can’t tell you how long this took, and realized Barbie would have a much prettier house than ours….even my husband thought I had gone a little mental, trying to get the details perfect.  Barbie even has a wood ceiling….

***if your kids are hard on things, maybe use extra glue….hence the missing molding piece on ours***




We then used laminate sample pieces from Lowe’s and paint sticks for molding and whatnot. I probably looked like a hoarder grabbing a bunch of paint sticks and so many laminate samples. I love how Barbie has marble flooring in her bathroom, though. Everything was adhered with a  glue gun and a bazillion glue sticks.



I stenciled the second floor, which was so much easier than “laying” the hardwood.


For the furniture, we simply spray painted my old Barbie furniture dug out of my parent’s attic. I am so glad we had so much because it just seems you can’t find Barbie furniture anymore like the old days. Again, I can’t reiterate enough how much I don’t like pink, so everything matches for a much more relaxed and glamorous feel.






barbie farmhouse fixer upper

barbie kitchen

For the rugs I used scrapbook burlap squares. I planned on making curtains, bedding, and more, but simply pooped out. Maybe in the future. My daughter loves it, however, and I love the fact how the Barbie house doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in her room. It was so fun to pull colors, old pieces together, and make something we can cherish for all my daughter’s childhood.

barbie modern kitchen







fixer upper barbie house before and after

barbie fixer upper

There you have it….our Barbie Fixer Upper. Aren’t fixer uppers more fun than anything in the world? Thanks for stopping by and be sure to like, pin, share….and whatnot.  Have a great and blessed day!


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