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How to Make the Cutest Fox Ears Tutorial for Fall

For a fun, quick fall project, check out these adorable fox ears. Literally all you need is some felt, a glue gun, and some sort of head band. Here’s the easiest fox ears tutorial you’ll want to try with all your little foxes.

fox ears tutorial


brown, black, and white felt

head band

glue gun


Step 1: Cut out your felt pieces. You can either make a quick pattern or free hand it.


Step 2: Glue felt together with glue gun.

fox ears step-2

Step 3: Glue to head band.


Done! So easy, right? Think of other cute forest animal ears you could make: racoons, bears, etc…to finish the look off, paint your little foxes faces and dance to “What does the fox say?”

family of foxes

silly foxes

little fox-fox ears

fox boy

Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for stopping by. Have a great fall with all your foxes.


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