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Need to Make a Slip Cover But Not Sure How?

These are the best slip cover tutorials around to help you achieve that farmhouse look for a ton less. Whether you're a seasoned pro or not, these lovely ladies have made it super easy to follow directions and make your own slip cover for pottery-barn lovers such as myself. Personally, I love the detailed advice from… Continue reading Need to Make a Slip Cover But Not Sure How?

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The Best Painted Brick Houses

I love me some painted brick, especially since our ranch house in the desert is so....ugly, this gives me a ton of inspiration and hope. (Yes, I'm going for a farmhouse look in the desert...) There are many techniques, textures, and colors to choose from. Sit back and enjoy the best of the best painted brick houses. Maybe it… Continue reading The Best Painted Brick Houses

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Fixer Upper-Miniaturized-Barbie Farmhouse Makeover!

I loved playing Barbies as a kid...didn't you? Well, this Barbie.... umm, okay me, has watched way too much "Fixer Upper," and it got me thinking about redesigning a crazy colored Barbie house for my daughter. I had actually been thinking of creating a Barbie house for my daughter for a while, but when we found this during our neighborhood… Continue reading Fixer Upper-Miniaturized-Barbie Farmhouse Makeover!

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Farmer’s Market Green Farmhouse Chalkboard Print

We thought we'd offer our Farmer's Market farmhouse print in green, to shake things up a bit. To add a little punch of color to your decor, this old school chalkboard background brings a ton of nostalgia to those of us who didn't grow up with smart boards in the classroom. Our digital print comes in two sizes… Continue reading Farmer’s Market Green Farmhouse Chalkboard Print

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Farmer’s Market Farmhouse Chalkboard Print

I've always loved the simplicity of farmhouse style and have pinned farmhouse signs until my thumbs hurt....but nothing ever seemed super affordable. That's why I'm so excited for this farmhouse print....This digital download comes in two sizes and the frame is an easy DIY project to complete. Check out our tutorial for how to make your… Continue reading Farmer’s Market Farmhouse Chalkboard Print


Farmhouse House Plans Under 2000 Square Feet (Or Relatively Close)

Wouldn't you just love to escape to your very own piece of land with that perfect pitched tinned-roof, white farmhouse? I dream of leaving this crazy world and going to a farm sometimes, tucked far away from everything....with kittens, barn animals, and all. Well, until that happens, I can plan and dream. Here are a few of my favorite… Continue reading Farmhouse House Plans Under 2000 Square Feet (Or Relatively Close)

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Fresh Eggs Farmhouse Chalkboard Print

We're excited for another addition to our farmhouse prints collection. I don't know about you, but what else screams farmhouse style than chickens and fresh eggs? Display for a charming focal point in your home. Our digital download includes two sizes for your preference. Not sure how to hang our large print? Check out our frame tutorial to… Continue reading Fresh Eggs Farmhouse Chalkboard Print